Международный день балета: Большой театр / World Ballet Day 2016 — Большой театр большой театр

Международный день балета: Большой театр / World Ballet Day 2016-The Bolshoi Theatre

Балетный класс Бориса Акимова.
Класс балета Борис Акимов. ,

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  1. Mr. Vaziev, even one year later, not this 2017 edition, I would have loved to WATCH the class, the teacher and the dancers. Oh… and listen to the music too. Not to have to go through the test of hearing you babbling away, with your makeshift interpreter. One has to learn when to stand in the back and shut up. Disappointing, to say the least!!!!!!!

  2. Its a warming up training but still too less demanding. At least the ballet master enjoyed himself a lot. Piruettes were surprisingly weak(lot hop-hop during the tours and only 2piruettes) from ladys&gentleman too. Check the Mariinsky ballet day's class which is more the level people expect from russian proballet dancers and the ballet master less narcistic, he pushed the trainig&dancers hard with many excersises and pretty good grand allegros.

  3. The real time translating is too much static. Is this a new feature? Old ones, they would translate after talking to the person. Not only that, but the camera does not need to be on them for such lengthy periods of time. No one here is watching to stare at these two. Ugh. Shut up and tell the camera man to stay trained on the classroom.

  4. Уважаемые комментаторы! Дали бы класс посмотреть и послушать! Он самодостаточен, не нуждается в Ваших разговорах. При всем уважении. Покажите класс в чистом виде.

  5. 何人かのプリマは来ていませんが男性プリンシパルたちは真面目に朝稽古していますね。アキーモフ先生は情熱とエネルギーに溢れる素晴らしい先生です。熱くなってくると次々と脱いでいくロージキンにハッとします。美しくて最高のダンサーなのでこれからとても期待しています。来日公演のチケットは6月なのに完売。

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